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FAVORITE HOTELS: The Greenwich HotelRosewood LondonMandarin Oriental Hong KongCapella SingaporeFasano Sao Paulo

A man of few words and yet so opinionated! Meet Mr. X, our X-Factor commentator and guest reviewer. When he’s not helping out and not trying to hit on our in- house review team, Mr. X is busy pursuing his interests as a highly successful Entrepreneur, Philanthropist & World Traveler. He has a storied past and a long-standing reputation as a SKILLED LOVER, avid sports fan and master of Baccarat. His most coveted item is his black book. He knows EVERYONE! If you need a deal to come together, X is your man. He is never one to skimp on the luxuries of travel. First Class, the best hotels, you name it. While he is happy to open his wallet,he is also very conscious of getting his money’s worth. If you host Mr. X for a night in your hotel, you better make sure the service and overall experience of his stay is worth the bill at the end. Mr. X. gives you an honest opinion of the value for each hotel through his Bang for Your Buck commentary on each hotel page. He will list the price at which he thinks the hotel should trade. Use this price and compare it to the hotels going rate to discern if the hotel is overpriced, underpriced, or priced just right. 

REVIEWED HOTELS:  Blue Door InnCopacabana PalaceEmiliano, Four Seasons New YorkFour Seasons San FranciscoHam Yard HotelMandarin Oriental New YorkMontage Beverly Hills, Shangri-La Hotel Paris, Stephanie Inn

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